Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10 [Easy Guide]

Mouse Acceleration is one such thing that we gamers hate. I still don’t know why it is enabled in all Windows PCs by default (Yes, even the gaming ones!). It seriously affects your aim while playing First-Person Shooter Games.

When I first started playing games, my aim was way too bad. But a friend suggested that it could be possible that Mouse Acceleration is enabled on my PC. So, I decided to explore a bit and guess what? He was right. After disabling mouse acceleration, my aim improved in less than 2 days.

But there’s a very simple procedure to disable it. Just follow along these pictures to Disable the Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10.

Open Windows Settings by typing Settings in the Start Menu and press Enter.

Windows 10 Settings

In this Window, Select the Devices.

Windows 10 Devices Settings

From the left tab, Select Mouse.

After the new Windows Opens, inside the Related Settings of the right side, you’ll find Additional Mouse Settings. Click on it.

Windows Mouse Properties

Clicking on the Additional mouse Settings will Open Mouse Properties.

From here, select the Pointer Options Tab.

Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

Here you should find an Option “Enhance Pointer Precision“.

If this option is enabled, that means Mouse Acceleration is also enabled. Simply uncheck it to disable Mouse Acceleration.

That’s all you need to do to disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10.

Now, when you move your mouse faster or slower, the mouse cursor will cover the same distance irrespective of the speed you moved it. This will increase mouse precision and you’ll be able to hit targets in games more accurately.

If you try moving your mouse now, you’ll immediately see the difference. Now, start your favorite FPS game and try playing it with Mouse Acceleration Disabled. You may also like to increase or decrease the In-Game Mouse Sensitivity to get an optimal gaming experience.

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